Articles read today

  1. Reflecting on My Failure to Build a Billion-Dollar Company
  2. Is K8s Too Complicated?

Things done today

Today, I kept on thinking mentally about distributing the time properly, instead of getting stuck on one single issue. It feels good when things go according to plan. Otherwise going down a rabbit hole and getting stuck makes me feel bad later when I don’t make any progress in the other things I planned on doing.

So today I added all my tasks for today on Kanbanflow and then set the built in Pomodoro timer and followed it. Getting stuck in a rabbit hole is something I do too often, and I can’t pull myself back out in time, so that I don’t “waste” time.

Daily coding

After getting stuck on one exercise for the whole day on 20th I decided to focus on the JavaScript parts of the exercise as I’m new to the syntax. I’ve set the time as one Pomodoro(25mins), if I’m not able to complete one exercise within one Pomodoro, I skip it. So I was able to do quite a lot of exercises today and it helped me learn more of the syntax! (I actually learnt about Array.prototype.find() today)

Daily writing

I am feeling less of a block writing daily like this. The notes idea was brilliant, thanks to whoever started it. Writing daily like this has made me write more, in the same amount of time today that I dedicated on the first day for writing a note.

Near future todo

I plan to add a Now page soon. It’s an interesting idea and a thing I keep answering people a lot about when they ask the question “What are you doing now?” / “What’s going on in your life now?”.

One more thing I see that I can add to my blog, would be a Uses page. I could then showcase the amazing customized Arch system I’m painstakingly building! 😅