Articles read today

  1. Thinkers vs Doers: Who Gives Better Advice?

In this well written article by Scott I read today, he makes an important point that made me take a step back and think hard. He claims that the people who are good at something don’t really remember their own success. The real reason for their success or the actual guidelines they followed to take the decisions that made them who they are. He mentions about Steve Jobs giving advice he didn’t follow himself, and how most of our autobiographies are constantly being rewritten to the point of being skewed.

I personally think that anything we read or hear should be taken with a grain of salt. Otherwise we risk anchoring.

Daily Coding

I was not able to continue with the exercises today but I read a few things about dwm and set up a fork of dwm to modify it as I like. My personal fork currently contains only two patches that I added to have the bare minimum(maybe a little less) working environment. I’m going to be making more edits and pushing to this repo over time.