As part of my recently started #100DaysOfCode challenge, today I worked on

  • few coding exercises(codechef/topcoder style)
  • tried making a two column layout website from scratch

Even a basic two column layout was an eye opener behind th planning required to create the CSS. Reading the chapter on Page Layout from the book CSS Mastery gave a lot of information on how to keep the binding between presentation and markup to a minimum using helper classes so the maintainability remains. As this was supposed to be a from scratch learning session, I took in more information than what I could have read in some article and be done with it.

GitHub Actions

Apart from this, I worked on the GitHub action for making DNS changes that I mentioned yesterday. The changes in syntax meant I had to make changes to the action also, and then update the dependent action too! I was not able to complete it today, hope to finish it and publish it by tomorrow.