Postfix in a container

Publish date: Aug 14, 2018
Categories: linux docker

Postfix is a service which forks itself and runs in the background. Postfix version 3.3.0 added container support. There was an issue where Postfix could not run as PID=1, and it was swiftly fixed in version 3.3.1

As I could not find any official Docker image for the latest versin of Postfix, I decided to build one myself. At the time I built the image, there was no Debian package available so I had to compile the package from source.

Here is the link to the Dockerfile.

You can build the docker image yourselves and use it too. Just run

git clone
cd postfix
docker build -t postfix .

# Now run the docker image using
docker run \
-h \
-p 1025:25 \
-v "/dev/log:/dev/log"

Now you can point in the smtp settings to use localhost:1025. The logs will be available at /var/log/mail.log on your host.