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Why Functional Programming Matters

This article will be my take on why functional programming matters, largely with a focus on the paper with the same name, authored by John Hughes in the year 1984 - Link to the paper.

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Keeping a Notebook

I recently came across this note and I could agree to all of the reasons mentioned for creating a Notebook. So here it is - https://mriyam.dev/notebook.

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Configuring Postfix

I came across this really neat Docker image docker-postfix. It got me up and running with Postfix in a very short amount of time.

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Postfix in a container

Postfix is a service which forks itself and runs in the background. Postfix version 3.3.0 added container support. There was an issue where Postfix could not run as PID=1, and it was swiftly fixed in version 3.3.1

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Hello, World!

I feel it is necessary to start with Hello, World! when exploring anything new. That’s all for now. :)